What A Day…

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So, Friday the 13th.  We meet again.  I’ve never had much luck on that day, since I was a kid.The first occurrence, that I can recall, was when I was just a lad.  My father and I were on our way back from Max’s Burgers near Birmingham, AL, when someone decided to run through a red light, nailed another car, and finally hit us.  Bad.  Night.  Through the years, the streak has continued with lovers becoming ex-lovers, car accidents, and business deals going sour.  Nearly every Friday the 13th feels like a nightmare waiting to happen.

What happened today, you might ask?  One good thing was the local smoke shop had three of my favorite cigars in-stock.  Bought all three.  Happy Anthony.  Wife made an awesome breakfast, lunch with my family at Pizza Inn, followed by dinner with my wife in front of the TV for some BSG (she makes an awesome French Dip…be envious).  Then, it happened: I started getting intrusion detection emails.  I rushed to my desk and began a fight for control of the CyphersTECH website that ended in clearing all files via the FTP server, changing database, FTP, and login passwords, then reinstalling everything from a backup.  What a night.

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