WordPress: Publish Button Event Handler

013th Jul 2013Uncategorized, , ,

I’ve been working on a new project in WordPress, and I needed a way to do some validation with JavaScript when clicking the […]

Holiday Project

030th Dec 2012Uncategorized

While taking some time off to enjoy the holidays, I decided to try something new.

Sharing Less

02nd Dec 2012Gaming, , , , ,

I find myself wondering what to post about anytime I think of my mostly dormant blog here. I think I’m just getting to […]

Grabbing NTFS Hidden Files on a Mac

223rd Nov 2012Various, , , , ,

Let’s say you need to grab some files from an old NTFS hard drive. You hook it up to your dock or external […]

Is LinkedIn becoming another MySpace

014th Nov 2012Various, , , , ,

I stumbled across this excellent review of the modern state of LinkedIn, and what may be the inevitable end to any social platform, […]

URPad.net Rocks

012th Nov 2012Development, Development, Real Studio, , , , , , , , , ,

I’ve found my Real Studio application hosting VPS, and I’m very happy!

Windows 8 Tips

022nd Oct 2012Various, , ,

Having a hard time with Windows 8? Here’s a bit that I’ve learned in my toying since the earlier days of the beta

Real Studio: Linux TCPSocket Latency

022nd Oct 2012Development, Real Studio, , , ,

While working on a donationware app I released some time ago, and monitoring its’ performance on a Ubuntu host, I noticed that TCPSocket […]

My Two New Favorite Mac Apps

010th May 2012Various, , , , , ,

As many of you know, I spend a LOT of time sitting in front of my triple monitor Mac Pro setup. I also […]

What A Day…

014th Apr 2012Company, Various, , , , , , ,

So, Friday the 13th.  We meet again.  I’ve never had much luck on that day, since I was a kid.