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Date Localization in Javascript

017th May 2017Uncategorized, , , , ,

Few things are more frustrating that localizing dates in JS, but it’s doable.

High Contrast Conundrum

04th May 2014Uncategorized

If you’ve worked in a corporate or educational IT department where group policy is a strictly enforced bane of your existence, you are likely familiar […]

WordPress: Publish Button Event Handler

013th Jul 2013Uncategorized, , ,

I’ve been working on a new project in WordPress, and I needed a way to do some validation with JavaScript when clicking the […]

Holiday Project

030th Dec 2012Uncategorized

While taking some time off to enjoy the holidays, I decided to try something new.

So Tired

020th Dec 2010Uncategorized

I was supposed to release an update to GraffitiSuite, along with a holiday discount this weekend, but I just couldn’t get there. Here’s […]

Customer Satisfaction: The Right Way [Follow Up]

21st Oct 2010Uncategorized

It looks like my buddy Will has received the free earplugs that HEAROS promised him, and we’re not just talking one or two […]

Lifehacker: Firefox vs Chrome

124th Sep 2010Uncategorized

I just finished reading an excellent article on Lifehacker that I found via Digg. It basically gives a take on which browser is […]

Hello world!

024th Aug 2010Uncategorized

We see those words quite often: “Hello World.”  I was curious as to its beginnings, so I checked Wikipedia.