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Failures of a Small Business

17th Oct 2010Various, , , , , ,

Running a small business is very disheartening at times. You put all of your love and energy in to building something in the […]

Rockin’ Raceway

05th Oct 2010Portfolio, , , ,

Rockin’ Raceway is a family fun center in Pigeon Forge, TN. They needed a website that would attract the eyes of young and […]

Outages Hurt

029th Sep 2010Various, , , , , , , ,

When the lights go out, it hurts to have your business go with it. That’s why many people choose to have their hosting […]

Dealing with a Stressful Job

128th Sep 2010Various, , , , , ,

Those of us who have worked for both large employers and small businesses know the differences all too well. Working for a small […]

10 Signs of a Bad Client You Should Drop

221st Sep 2010Various, , , ,

Underworld Magazines put up an excellent article that any freelancer or consultant should read.

Why Consultants Charge “A Lot”

217th Sep 2010Various, , , , , , ,

A couple of friends and family members have asked me why consultants charge what they do for their services, and here’s what I […]