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Date Localization in Javascript

017th May 2017Uncategorized, , , , ,

Few things are more frustrating that localizing dates in JS, but it’s doable.

Touch Scrolling in Ace Editor

024th Dec 2014Development, , , , ,

I’ve run across an interesting issue that no one seems to be able to solve…so I tackled it. The solution doesn’t offer momentum […]

JavaScript Console Control

017th Dec 2014Development, , ,

I’ve been working on a new project lately that I’m calling JScage. Essentially it’s a browser-based JavaScript/CoffeeScript, CSS/LESS/SASS, HTML IDE with a wide […]

Working on GraffitiSuite

01st Jun 2014Development, Various, , , , , ,

I’ve spent the last 11 years working on GraffitiSuite.  It’s been used by many developers the world over, and many large multinational corporations. […]


030th Oct 2013Development, , , , , ,

I’ve worked with Web Apps a lot more recently, and I found myself needing a way to minify JavaScript and CSS from one […]

WordPress: Publish Button Event Handler

013th Jul 2013Uncategorized, , ,

I’ve been working on a new project in WordPress, and I needed a way to do some validation with JavaScript when clicking the […]

JS: Multiple Lines in a Cookie

028th Aug 2010Various, , ,

Coming from my buddy Shawn over at Lyme Team is an easy way to store multiple lines of data in a single cookie! […]