10 Signs of a Bad Client You Should Drop

Underworld Magazines put up an excellent article that any freelancer or consultant should read.

In this article, they detail the down-side to consulting and freelancing that most people don’t think of: the nightmare clients. Nightmare clients can take one of your best works and turn it in to garbage quickly, or make sure that it never sees the light of day. We should all try to avoid these people.

Check out the full article.

2 thoughts on “10 Signs of a Bad Client You Should Drop

  1. I want to be honorable to my clients, so I won’t mention any of them specifically, but…oh yeah…’bad’ clients can take your best efforts, turn them around and make you feel like you want to close up shop FOREVER!

    Good clients, on the other hand, can often offset the ‘bad’ ones, but good grief, you can only take so much before you snap

  2. I certainly agree. I have one customer for whom I develop user interfaces who is a treat to work with. They give me the requirements, SVN logins, etc, and turn me loose. If I need anything, their team is available, but it’s always pretty smooth. I do what needs to be done, commit, and get paid.

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