Customer Satisfaction: The Right Way

Just a quick post that my buddy Will wrote on his blog about how a company took appropriate and timely action on one of his complaints. You don’t often see this from mid-size to large companies anymore, so I thought we should bring attention to it.

FTA (here):

I visited the website and contacted them about my issues. It took a couple of days for them to respond, but Dante Pacifici, the company’s Director of Operations wrote me back. He was very polite, he didn’t insult my intelligence or treat me like a dummy. He was professional and courteous, and he expressed genuine interest in my issue, even though he said no one else had reported this kind of problem. He offered to send some replacement plugs for my troubles.

Good to see a company taking care of the people who purchase their products.

One thought on “Customer Satisfaction: The Right Way

  1. Haha, didn’t know I had my own tag, but anyway…

    Thanks for sharing this with your readers. It’s almost second-nature to share bad experiences with people about a company, but I think it’s important to tell people when a company does right.

    It’s unfortunate that so many companies these days just grab your money and kick you out the door, but companies like HEAROS / Dap World give us a little twinge of hope. 😀

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