HR and Hobbies?

I’ve been hearing with some frequency lately that the big IT firms want talent with unrelated hobbies. I’m not sure how accurate that is, but really, who has time?

Well, apparently hobbies are something normal people do to fill their free time. Gaming, building model aircraft, running marathons, all pretty good examples, I think.

My hobbies? Well, I do play one video game. I still play Ultima Online, which I’ve done off and on for about 10 years now. Other than that, I work. I have a full-time job, plus I do contract work via CyphersTECH Consulting. Bridge diving it isn’t, but it pays the bills, and it’s what I enjoy.

I understand why companies want people with hobbies, though. They apparently manage their time well, have desires beyond their 9-5, and are generally well-rounded individuals. Not to mention some hobbies require great attention to detail, which is always a plus.

I’m curious as to what kind of hobbies we all engage in. What’s fun? What passes the time when you’re not working? What do you wish you had more time for?

2 thoughts on “HR and Hobbies?

  1. Besides computers (which I still see as a hobby sometimes), when I have the money and time, I like to mess with analog electronics, build amplifiers, radios, etc. I’m also an amateur radio operator, but since both of my ex-wives destroyed/sold/threw away my radios, I haven’t been active since the late 1990’s.

    Other hobbies I like (but don’t have time or money for right now) are model rockets, astronomy and drumming. I gave up stalking and hunting down cross-platform software CEOs because it freaked out my wife. 😉

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