Lifehacker: Firefox vs Chrome

I just finished reading an excellent article on Lifehacker that I found via Digg. It basically gives a take on which browser is leading the race, why the market is doing what it is, and the author’s own opinion.

While I don’t agree with everything the author asserts in the article, I do personally believe that Chrome has become the better browser. I have no problem with Google having access to my information, because I have nothing to hide. My wife doesn’t send me pornographic images, I don’t download CDs from illegal sites (password activation and notification emails), etc. I look forward to the day when my operating system can be loaded anywhere, and I have the same environment no matter what computer I decide to use.

The whole article may be read here.

One thought on “Lifehacker: Firefox vs Chrome

  1. As I’ve mentioned before in my blogs and during conversations, Firefox still wins for me.

    * Firefox displays plain-text pages, like logs, correctly. Chrome wraps the text instead of scrolling, which is ridiculous. I tried mucking with a default CSS for Chrome, but it messed up other pages, so EPIC FAIL for Chrome there

    * I do web-page development, and Chrome has been unfriendly in that respect because it caches stuff the wrong way compared to Firefox, which I can set to reload from the site instead of the cache

    * Adblock Plus and Element Hider work way better in Firefox and they are easier to configure on Firefox

    * Chrome treats you like you’re stupid and doesn’t let you adjust more advanced options like you can with about:config on Firefox

    * Chrome doesn’t follow best practices on Windows and runs the actual executable from your user folder instead of Program Files

    Shall I go on? 😉

    When Chrome fixes these things, or at least adds options to allow these things, I’ll switch, because I do recognize the benefit of having each tab running in its own process as well as the other good stuff Chrome has

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