Missing Jobs

Yeah, we’re all aware that the economy isn’t doing exceptionally well right now. I won’t reiterate that point, but I would like to discuss the job market.

Looking at the various job classifieds websites tells me one thing: the jobs are out there. These sites continue to thrive, and always have a lot of listings covering a great many fields. Why, then, are there some people still out of work?

Many people don’t make any attempts to find work after being laid off until their unemployment insurance has run out. What real incentive do they have? They’re being paid to do whatever they feel like, and after working somewhere for X number of years at 8-10 hours every weekday I’d say it’s not uncommon to feel entitled to that.

Holding Out
Do some people delay the inevitable in the hopes that the recession will end and their former employer will give them their old job back? I think so. I’ve personally heard people say

I’m just waiting for all of this mess to end so [company name] will re-hire me.

But what if that never happens? What if the recession worsens and the job market only dries up further? What if that company goes bankrupt? You know, putting all of your semi-spherical objects in a wicker container and so forth.

New jobs are strange. You don’t exactly know what’s expected of you, or that you’ll be able to do everything you are tasked with. This can also lead talented individuals with low self-esteem to stay in bad jobs, but as an unemployed candidate you just need to suck it up and give it all you’ve got. If things don’t work out, you now have a better understanding of your boundaries. If it does work out, you potentially have a great new source of income (any source of income is great when you have none, but you get the picture).

Are you currently laid-off or unemployed? What about stuck in a dead-end job? Are you in this situation of your own choosing, or are you stuck? Either way, I sure do hope things are going to improve for all of us soon.