REALbasic: A Term the Kids Use

Something I’ve noticed recently is the encroachment on my geekdom via Twitter by those who use the #realbasic tag to refer to someone who is either ignorant, or fails to grasp a concept.

Now, I love REALbasic as a development language, it’s an excellent tool for rapid prototyping and quick cross-platform development, but I’m sure there are some C++ developers who have had a laugh or two at this. I find it a bit funny myself, considering the BASIC language is traditionally one that is viewed as being for people not smart enough to grasp the lower-level languages.

I find myself wondering where the use of this phrase started, by whom, and for what reason. Urban Dictionary merely tells us that REALbasic is a poor development environment, but has no listing for the new usage.

So where does this slang come from? How many other areas do we see slang crossing in to our kingdom of geekly valor?