The Development Process

Lately I’ve been doing some analysis on the Software Development Process, and the people/groups involved, as it relates to a team environment, and I really love the differences between us when we begin working on our respective phases.

Project Managers
These “big picture” people are all about getting those requirements done right the first time (thankfully). Without this attention to the details of the overall project, every other phase of the process would be a nightmare.

They live to pound out line after line, class after class, of beautiful code. As one of them, I can tell you that I happily lose myself in interesting projects for extremely long periods.

Make it functional, make it interactive, make it pretty, but it’d better be easy to use. This group puts every ounce of creativity they have in to make the user feel comfortable with the software from the first time they fire it up. Without a good design, your gigantic project won’t go very far.

Man, where we would be without the testers? Sure,. bugs still get through occasionally, but no one can predict every small detail of every case where that package will be deployed. For such a daunting task, the testers help everyone else save face in the long run.

End Users
At some point, all of the team members will hate one or more users of the software they helped to create. It’s natural. But without the users, how are we keeping our jobs (begrudgingly sometimes)?

If you fall in to one of these categories, which one? If you’re a one-man shop, where would you feel most at home? I could go either way between designer and developer, honestly. I like making pretty things, and making pretty things work.

One thought on “The Development Process

  1. I like making pretty things, and making pretty things work.

    I have to second you there. I’m not too good on the ‘big picture’ and management stuff, but I do like to code and like to make sure my apps work well and aren’t UI disasters.

    I also like being a tester for you, (and appreciate when you test for me) because I’m so crazy and twisted that I see stuff your un-tainted brain may not see. 😀

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