WordPress.com Stats Bug?

I use the WordPress.com Stats plugin on nearly every site I run, and have never had a problem…until I switched to WordPress Multisite…

So what, exactly is going on? When I try to view the Flash graph on my WordPress dashboard, I see something like this instead:


Weird, right? Yes, the Flash file loads properly, but it just displays that inside of it instead of loading the graph.

But, I know a workaround. I tried everything I could think of, and finally found a way to view the graph on my dashboard just as I used to. What is it? I disabled the WYSIWYG editor! I know, I should’ve thought of…wait…what? Yeah, that’s right. For some strange reason (most likely plugin related), disabling that one tiny feature solves all of my problems.

If anyone has any ideas on this perplexing issue, I’d be more than happy to hear them in the comments.