Education: What to do…

In June I will have an Associate degree in Information Technology, and I’m probably going to continue my education with a Bachelor’s. But what about beyond that?

My wife and I have discussed my continued education to possible going as far as getting a Master’s degree. The idea is quite intriguing. Both of us come from parents with little-to-no post-secondary education so with her attending pharmacy college for a doctorate and my potential Master’s aspirations, we would certainly be breaking the mold.

Before I decide…what are your thoughts? Do you hold a Master’s degree? A doctorate? Do you feel the extra cost and time was worth it? Have you seen a real difference in your pay or type of work? If you don’t have either, how do you feel about modern post-secondary education?

2 thoughts on “Education: What to do…

  1. So, I have a Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering, and, after saving up my money, plan on going for my Masters. Engineering is one of the few fields left that it is worth going for the higher degrees. So many business degrees are out there that they don’t earn your money back.

    I don’t know if IT is close enough to count, but I think that your decision depends on what you would be going for and what you want to do with it.

    SysAdmins don’t really need high degrees, just lots of experience. Freelance developers are also more experience than education. But a full time programmer, system architect or something closer to an engineer might benefit more.

    So ask yourself: What would you want to do with a higher degree? What does getting the degree set you up for?

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