Rescue Puppy

VentureOver the weekend, my wife and I adopted a 10 month old Pit/Pointer/Lab puppy. He’s a rescue pup that had been abused, and he’s absolutely awesome. So what’s the story behind the latest edition to the CyphersTECH family?

We don’t really know. All we DO know:

  • he was a rescue pup who was about an hour away from being euthanized when we showed up
  • he had been abused
  • he didn’t know how to eat from a doggie bowl
  • he didn’t understand how to pick up a rawhide bone
  • he likes long walks in the backyard, and spending time with his family
  • and he is the sweetest dog you’ll ever see

Ten minutes after we got him home and finally had him bathed, he was asleep laying across my lap while on his back and snoring like there’s no tomorrow. I don’t know if this dog had ever felt loved before we found him, but I sure am glad that we did. He’s exceptionally well-behaved, liked the cat until she nearly took his snout off, and is fairly skittish.

So far we’re ecstatic to have this new member of our small family, and I hope everyone gives these rescue dogs a chance. Far too many excellent companions are mistreated and euthanized.

So, everyone, say hello Venture.

3 thoughts on “Rescue Puppy

    1. Venture has accepted Lun-Kee’s invitation, but only if there will be kibble o’ plenty. He also wants to know if he should acquire a “Communism Rocks Red Bandana.” Or if a “Democratically Delightful Dark Blue Deerstalker” will do.

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