Vacations: For Fun

Vacations are important for the small business oner, just like they are for everyone else. I, personally, love when my wife and I get the opportunity to just take off for a while, we jump on it.

It doesn’t have to be perfectly planned. As someone who works a lot, I don’t want my vacations to be strict and set in stone. I want to not think and just go. Which is exactly how we vacate. We jump in the car with a general direction in mind, and when we find a nice place, we stop. For instance, driving south along the east coast until you find a beach city with warm weather.

Do yourself a favor, take an unplanned vacation. Jump in the car with some snacks and sandwich stuff, and just go.

One thought on “Vacations: For Fun

  1. Ah, one day I shall take a vacation…if I actually make some money somehow, my wife doesn’t leave me, my brain doesn’t explode, the beaches don’t fall into the sea, a Venus-sized asteroid doesn’t collide with Earth…etc…ad infineooozees

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