And We’re Back

Over the last week, our services have been spotty. We’ve been dealing with some amazingly ridiculous issues.

After dealing with weather-related issues, and ISPs that like to disconnect and reconnect customers randomly (and then send their modems in to power-cycles for hours on end), and some power issues with our surge protectors and backup systems, we’re back.

We’ll start from the beginning. 12 hours of 50+ MPH winds brought down utility lines all over the area. Trees through houses, power lines lying across roads, the works.

Next up is the ISP issue. I won’t name the ISP publicly, but they know who they are. At first the service was out due to the downed lines. No big deal. Then the power was back on, an hour or so later the internet connection came back up. Awesome! We’re back in business! No, wait…it’s back out again. Now it’s back! Now it’s gone…ugh. Four days of unreliable connections, mixed with 5-7 hours with an awesome connection at times, and that issue was finally resolved.

Finally, the power issue. Our main server was running on power system that had become quite dated. At about 2:00 PM today, it gave up. Services were back down for about four hours while we replaced the failed elements, and now we’re good. We’ve even extended the length of time our servers can withstand an outage by more than 70 minutes!

So, a big thank you to our excellent customers, supporters, and friends.

One thought on “And We’re Back

  1. Grins at the stock photo of the corporate guy saying “Yes!!!” 😛

    No fair, other consumers want to know what ISPs are good and which ones aren’t. Hang their name out in the open so we can avoid them!!!

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