Preparing an Update

It’s been a little over a year since I’ve made any real changes to the Graffiti products I sell for REAL Studio, so it’s about time for a maintenance release if nothing else.

All of the now sold and supported products are being updated to work with the new IDE. Now, this doesn’t include all the new anti-aliasing stuff that REAL Software has been adding to the environment. Truth is, the anti-aliasing makes the products look worse (I KNOW, RIGHT?!). I don’t know if it’s their implementation or mine, but I’m unimpressed.

Either way, within the next week or so you should see this minor release roll out. It will only be sold going forward, as the majority of the changes are to the example projects and not the products themselves. If this were more of a bug fix release, it would include everyone who purchased over the last year.

And, as always, if you’re a returning customer we’ll give you a discount. Just use the Contact form on to ask about it.