GOOG and the Violent Shove

Google LogoGoogle is an innovator, and a very strong competitor in business. Since the company’s debut, it has constantly out-paced its competitors and relentlessly beaten them in most every arena that it enters.

And with the new revelations about the specifics of ChromeOS, it’s easy to see how the company’s future is looking ever brighter. I absolutely love the thought of ChromeOS for non-technical users, and can’t wait to put my mom on one of these devices. Do pretty whatever you want, as long as you don’t physically damage it, there’s really not a lot to worry about.

And then I saw this. Let’s be honest, Gmail has already sucked much of the growth out of its competitors in the free email market. So what’s the next logical step? The corporate market. For a long time now Google has had Google Apps which includes Gmail, and access to this has been freely given out. One problem has always been in the corporations that refuse to move away from Microsoft Exchange, so Google had to come up with a way to make these corporate IT heads feel better about using their service as opposed to Exchange. The easiest way? Hook them with a freebie that just makes sense. Offer your service as a synced, always up-to-date, backup for Exchange. Brilliant! I just wonder if it will work out exactly as Google hopes it will.

So, if this succeeds without a hitch, Google is about to grab Microsoft’s lunch money, then shove it down in the hallway and call it a nerd.