So Tired

I was supposed to release an update to GraffitiSuite, along with a holiday discount this weekend, but I just couldn’t get there. Here’s why…

On Friday morning, I woke up to no water pressure. Knowing there was a problem, I first went to the basement in search of water. Seeing nothing there was of little comfort. My next stop was under the back deck to look for run-off. Nothing. I was feeling a bit better at that point, until I decided to check the meter and found it flooded. Excellent, a line had busted at my meter.

The next step was, of course, to call the water company to dispatch a repair crew. Once they arrived, they determined that the break was on my side of the meter (but broken off in their setter), so they could do nothing. How awesome is that. At this point it was 11:00 AM, and with the water off I had no choice but to go to work and finish out the day while my father-in-law assessed the situation.

The first step was digging out around the broken line so we could see the break, which was done when I got home. Spending a few hours trying to remove the broken end from the coupler was fruitless, and we gave up for the night.

The next morning it was determined that, due to the poor condition of the galvanized piping which ran from the meter to the house, we should replace the whole shebang. No problem, right? Enter the shovels. After my father-in-law and I spent the day Saturday digging up the old line, replacing it, then filling in the ditch we were both exhausted. He went promptly home, and I fell somewhere between death and a comatose state.

I awoke Sunday morning to aching muscles, and a throbbing pain in my knee. Every indication that I would be utterly worthless for the next 12-18 hours, and boy was I. I finally roused from bed at 11:30 AM, hitting the couch until approximately 3:30 PM, when I made it back to the bed for a nap until 6:00 PM. Feeling only more aching, I decided to put it all behind me and go Christmas shopping. My wife and I hit several stores, ate supper at Shoney’s, then came back home to spend some time on collegiate work.

To summarize: digging up, replacing, and covering water lines has made me far too tired to deal with release at this point. It’ll come, but it’ll be later, and with a longer timespan on the holiday discount than previously planned.

It should be noted that all proceeds from GraffitiSuite sales will go toward purchasing a REALStudio Enterprise license so that we can begin developing for the web platform. I’d like to see this goal met by the middle of February. It’s on the customers to make it happen.