Why I Bought a Kindle

KindleYesterday I did something I normally wouldn’t: I bought something technologically-related that I don’t absolutely need. I ordered a Kindle. Sure, for the same price I could’ve gotten an Android tablet at the same form-factor, but I went with the Kindle.

As a college student, I have a lot of course materials that I need to be able to read through. There are times when, believe it or not, I may be away from my computer and reading it on my Android phone is just a bit hard to pull off. With the Kindle, I can take it anywhere without the size restriction of a mobile phone screen.

I could probably deal with a glossy LCD, but why should I? I’ve always been intrigued by the eInk displays, so this one just kind of made sense to me. It’s so easy to read in the light.

Free 3G
Yes, free 3G. And with the experimental browser that Amazon has included in the latest Kindle iteration, I should still be able to check my email and browse my RSS feeds on the go.

PDF Support
There seems to be some issues with Kindle’s support of PDFs. I have quite a few eBooks already, in PDF format. I would, of course, like to read these on my Kindle. Some sources say that the Kindle handles PDFs with ease, while others claim that it is buggy or useless. Either way, it’ll be OK. I can convert the PDFs to the Kindle MOBI format, if need be.

Have you played with a Kindle? Own a Kindle? Hate the idea of the Kindle? Hit up the comments.