Building a Membership Site on WP

Your MembersSure, I can write plugins and design themes, but there are some things I would rather leave to those with a lot of experience. Right now I’m talking about a membership/subscription plugin for WordPress.

I scoured the internet for over a week. Looking at features, comparing prices, reading reviews and forums posts. I finally settled on Your Members.  It offers Pay Per Post (PPP) functionality, Post Pack Sales, expiration dates on purchases, and a handy download manager that protects your content.  Of course that’s not all it has to offer, but those were my main concerns.  Now, I’m about one week away from launch on an exciting new development.

If you have a need, check out Your Members.  It’s actually quite amazing, and I plan to use it on future projects as well.

This post was uncompensated, but I’d gladly accept a few licenses in return.  😉