MBS: Charts and PDFs

I’ve recently had the privilege of working with the MonkeyBread Software plugins, and I’m impressed.

With all my years of experience, I’ve never had the need for (or couldn’t afford) the MBS plugins, but I’m glad that I’ve now had the opportunity to work with them. They’re incredibly easy to use, and if they’re not, Christian will certainly take care of you. He answered all of my questions in a timely manner, and even made himself available for any further inquiries. I’m very happy with my experience. I was able to, with his help, create charts to closely mimic those present in an application written in VB6. Nice.

Now, about PDFs.  This didn’t require much to get rolling.  It’s all pretty straight-forward.  I wrote a report builder class to encapsulate the process and positon elements based on running X and Y coordinates, and had the application spitting out nice looking PDFs in less than a day.  Excellent plugin!

Once again, I’d like to thank Christian for his help.  You should all head on over to MBS and check out their products.

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