So far so good

I’ve been on the big project for nearly two months now, with 15 days to go…and doing great.  I hope to have major development completed by the end of the week, with any real fixes/alterations done the week after.  The agreement with the customer was for the majority of development to be done before April 15th (according to their documentation), so I’ll be in well before their deadline if things go as planned.

So, how does it feel to be self-employed on the eve on my first victory?  Amazing.  The freedom and flexibility are nothing short of perfect.  I have to say that should I ever need to punch a clock again, I’ll have a very hard time doing it.  Wouldn’t be so bad for telecommute, as I’ve worked telephone help desk on telecommute, but this is just beautiful.

I thought I would have more trouble staying focused, but I’m not.  I have the customer’s docs, I have my own timeline developed when I began the project, I bust my butt to meet my own deadlines and the customer’s, then I play if I have time.  The last couple of days I’ve been waiting for the customer to make some alterations to the parts of the project I don’t control, so I’ve been doing some things around the house.  I replaced all of our old well-worn deadbolts and knobs, took care of the first mow of the season, trimmed the shrubs out front, and planned an all-out assault on the organization and furniture in my office (as well as gotten 50% of the way through Crackdown on 360…shhhh).

At any rate, if you’re self-employed or work from home, do you have trouble keeping focus?  Did you when you started?  What worked for you?  For me, it’s planning the future.  Looking at the places I’ve been and comparing them to the places I want to go.  It’s exciting and motivating.

One thought on “So far so good

  1. When I was in business, I found that as long as I had an active and worthwhile project in front of me, I would feel the motivation to finish it…sometimes to my detriment. You just have to find the right balance of work and non-work.

    I am very proud of you! You have worked very hard, you have made the transition to being your own boss and I know that your customer will be pleased because you don’t do shoddy work. 😀

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