Finishing First

There for a while, I was actually worried.  Would I be able to get the latest project done on time?  Would it be right?  Would the customer be happy?

Well, I’m happy to report that I finished two days early, it’s been tested as well as it could be here, and the customer is pleased thus far.

Project Changes

Along the way, the customer made a few changes to the project, and added some things to the project that weren’t in the TRDs and I hadn’t anticipated.  After many long nights, and 430 hours over the last 2.5 months (thanks to BKeeney Software, for the excellent Task Timer app), I managed to whip it.

Future Prospects

I had a great deal of fun, and have been informed that the customer will be keeping me on for a while to take care of any issues (and with any luck beyond that).  I had a lot of fun working with these guys, and look forward to doing it again in the future.  Their on-staff developers are very talented and cooperative.

I’ve also lined up another project to begin in May, where I’ll be writing new software for a company’s line of Windows Mobile-based handheld devices.  I’ve developed in eVB and .NET Compact Framework before, so I know it won’t be exceptionally difficult.

After that I’ll be working on some web-based apps for one of my current customers.  This is going to be an amazing year.

2 thoughts on “Finishing First

  1. Praise God! You are so blessed, my man. I am so very happy for you! 😀 I’ve seen your dark days (and you’ve been through mine, too), and you’re in some pretty cool times now. So cool…I am just beaming!

  2. It certainly wasn’t the easiest project I’ve ever taken on, quite the contrary. What was supposed to start out as a conversion from VB6 turned in to a rewrite.

    Thankfully, the big stuff is behind me, and I’m counting the days til the next project.

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