Real Studio and Cocoa

There’s no denying that Cocoa support has come a long way, but just how far?

I really have to give the guys at Real Software credit, here.  Tonight I decided to do some testing on Cocoa with the GraffitiSuite products, and expected crashes.  Seriously.  I had already taken some Aleve and was planning a dip in to depression, but I was surprised to say the least.  I set my build option to Cocoa, click Run, and…it ran.  Perfectly.  Wait.  What?  Not believing it, I went back in and created a condition in my code to tell me what version was running: Cocoa; Carbon;Win32;Linux.  Imagine how happy I was when it reported “Cocoa!”

OK, so hats-off to anyone at RS busting their hump on Cocoa support.  Excellent work, my friends.