I’m Alive

It’s been some time since I posted anything, so I thought I’d give an update.



My business, CyphersTECH Consulting has done well this year.  We launched the GraffitiSuite subscription site, completed a large contract for Datacolor — as well as a plethora (of Piñatas?) of other smaller contracts, and our local support side is doing fair.  As usual, we’re always taking new contracts, and looking for novel UI components to develop.  I love my work immensely.


I also graduated from University of Phoenix last month with my Associate degree in Information Technology — which, you know, is almost as useful as drawing one with crayons.  To top things off, I was accepted to East Tennessee State University to get my Bachelor’s degree.  Before attending ETSU, however, I plan to complete any requirements that didn’t transfer from UoP at Northeast State Community College (the same one I worked at before I graduated from high school).


My life is great, now…with a few exceptions that I’ll get to in a minute.  First of all, my wife and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary in June, and I’ve never been more in love.  Each day with her is better than the last, regardless of what life throws at us.  Second, my family (as in mother, siblings, nieces, etc) seems to be getting a little better lately — less arguing, more family time.

Now, the bad (but improving).  Earlier this month my wife’s brother, Chad, was in a horrific car accident that resulted in major head trauma (among other things).  After spending some time in ICU, then a regular hospital room, he’s now at a rehabilitation center in Atlanta, GA called The Shepherd Center where he seems to be making great progress.  Before arriving there, he had trouble carrying on the simplest conversation and his recall wasn’t great.  Now, he carries on phone conversations at length, is back to surfing Facebook, and sends text messages like a champ.  We’re all grateful for the improvements he’s made, but there’s still a long way to go.  He needs surgery to repair his right eye, and may not be able to drive or live alone again.  We’ve all done our part to help out, so there’s no shortage of bodies to lend a hand, but there is a monetary shortage.  I’ve put up a website to collect donations to help in his recovery (medical bills, paying his rent, etc), and any help that anyone can give would be greatly appreciated


That’s about it, really.  I’m thinking about taking on a part-time job as well as everything else I have going on (preferably in Real Studio development), but that’s up in the air for now.  If you know of anything that might interest me, or would like to work out some contract labor, let me know.