My Two New Favorite Mac Apps

As many of you know, I spend a LOT of time sitting in front of my triple monitor Mac Pro setup. I also spend a lot of time looking for ways to boost my productivity, and go a bit easier on my eyes.


While I have always been a fan of the Mac OS dock, as seen here by the plethora of apps I keep in it.

Well, I recently found an app that makes things much easier for me. It’s called DockShelf, and allows me to categorize my apps easily so that I don’t have to search through that long line of icons to find what I’m looking for. It really is a life saver sometimes, and I recommend that anyone who uses a Mac extensively check it out (especially if you’re on a relatively small display like a Macbook).

Easy On The Eyes

Since I sit here quite often, and am supposed to wear glasses to reduce the wavelengths of light that could further damage my enlarged optic nerves, I looked for a way to quickly set my displays to a night-friendly mode without messing with each individual monitor’s settings. Enter Nocturne. From the MenuBar, I can quickly switch “Night Mode” which gives me options for controlling what colors what colors are displayed, and so forth. For instance, as you can see in my settings panel below, I’ve tinted white to a gray (which doesn’t show up in screenshots, only on the display). I’ve also dimmed my menubar (and usually keep it inverted).

With these two apps, I feel much better about my work and play time. Not only can I get things done more quickly (especially if I make use of Spaces), but I also take better care of myself.

Here’s a screenshot of the full results from these two apps.