URPad.net Rocks

I’ve found my Real Studio application hosting VPS, and I’m very happy!
I needed a VPS

About a year ago, I needed to find an affordable VPS to run a Real Studio-written server application on.  After some searching and reading reviews, I found URPad.net.  They had a special offer going on at the time for an insanely low rate of something like $5.00/mo.  Still unsure, I shot them an email and asked if they offered a 30-day money-back guarantee if it didn’t work for my needs, and they agreed.

Time to Set it Up

I began setting up my shiny new VPS with Ubuntu 12 Server 64-bit, and immediately hit a snag.  After installing all the requirements for the app, I was getting undescriptive seg faults at launch.  I assumed that I had done something wrong, so I wiped and started over.  Ubuntu installed, Webmin installed, ProFTPd installed, 32bit compatability binaries installed, libstdc version double-checked, application uploaded.  Run my app, and bam!  Another seg fault.  OK, let’s try this with 32-bit.  Starting from scratch with Ubuntu 11.04 32bit, same seg fault.  Again with CentOS, Debian, and Fedora, same deal.


After conferring with them, I decided that it just wasn’t going to work for me, for whatever reason.  The problem was that I had done all of this over the course of about eight weeks, and overstayed my 30-days.  I contacted them for help sorting it, and while they were very kind and attempted, they also don’t offer support for these VPS instances.  OK, no refund, no green light on functionality, only frustration.  I decided to leave it for a while and come back to it when my head was clear, which took about 3 months.

After the Frustration

So, I started from scratch.  I installed Ubuntu 11.04 32bit, Webmin, ProFTPD, and my app.  No joy, so I decided that I needed a better look at it.  I installed XFCE and VNC, did all the setup to show the proper desktop (and not just a white screen) when logging in.  I recompiled my app with some more logging, and a GUI version.  I ran the GUI version, and viola!  Nothing further required.  The log showed no problems, no seg fault, just awesome working server goodness.  I ran the service version, and again everything worked perfectly (well, there were some bugs, which is why I’m still running the GUI version on that server, with my built-in update mechanism to make it easier to troubleshoot and fix until I recompile the service version).

I don’t know what the issue was, and haven’t been able to come up with any solid ideas even when speaking to others who are much more knowledgeable about Linux servers than I am, so I’m at a loss.  It works, so I’m happy.

The Company/The Service

I’m extremely pleased with these guys.  I’ve seen no downtime and it’s been nearly a year.  They’ve responded to all of my support requests, regardless of how asinine and noob-like, very quickly.  They put up with my frustration when I was at my lowest, and attempted to help me even though they were under no obligation to do so.  I definitely give them five stars for service.  For price?  Yeah, five stars.  I got 500GB monthly bandwidth, 1GB RAM, and 40GB of storage for less than $100/yr.  Love it.  So, if you need a VPS that gives you a ton of control, and really goes out of their way to help you, check out URPad.net